Dark Star Loop

Big 65 mile loop linking the Horn Creek, Wine Creek, Turkey Creek, and Modoc trails together.  You by riding 1/4 of the Horn Creek trail, and finish the loop by riding the last 3/4 of the Horn Creek trail.


Directions are for riding the loop counter clockwise, starting in Lick Fork Lake Recreation Area at the Horn Creek trailhead.


-Ride the Horn Creek trail going CCW from the parking area at the lake

-TURN LEFT onto the first gravel road the trail crosses

-TURN LEFT onto the next gravel road - this will turn to pavement and take you out of Lick Fork

-TURN RIGHT onto Hwy-230 and go .4 mile.
-TURN LEFT to cross HWY-23 stay on HWY-230 & go in front of the Westside Vol. Fire Dept. Go another 1.2M and cross Red Hill Rd. Go past Red Hill Farm on left. Missed if on HWY 23 going towards Edgefield
-TURN LEFT onto gravel rd signed Delaughter Rd. Take this for 2 miles and it ends.
-TURN LEFT onto FS 625. Take this for 3.2 miles to Key Rd.
-TURN RIGHT onto Key Road. Go a few hundred yards.
-TURN RIGHT onto FS 621/Turkey Rd. Take this gravel road for 3.7 miles till it ends.
-TURN LEFT onto Hwy 283. Go about 2 miles. You will ride over Turkey Creek and enter McCormick County.
-TURN LEFT into Wine Creek Trailhead

-Ride the Wine Creek Trail

-Go across Key Rd (paved) and TURN LEFT down the doubletrack

-Just before the pedestrian bridge enter the Turkey Creek Trail on the right.

-Ride Turkey Creek until it ends at a cul-de-sac on FS-617A

-Follow FS-617A

-TURN LEFT onto FS-617 and go to paved road
-TURN LEFT onto Price’s Mill Road (the paved road). Cross Stevens Creek.
-TURN LEFT onto Mt Lebanon Church Rd immediately after you cross Stevens Creek. Take to end.
-TURN LEFT onto Washington School Rd. Take this past Modoc Speedway. It will turn to a dirt road.
-TURN LEFT onto FS-632 Silcox Rd. Missed it you cross RR Tracks.
-TURN LEFT onto FS-632A Pinchot Rd. Follow this all the way to the cul-de-sac.
-Look for carsonite post at about 10 o’clock on the cul-de-sac, follow the arrows on the carsonite posts.  You will ride over a mound and find a distinct clearing/trail. Follow the posts, you'll go right to the edge of the powerline clearing, but not in or across it. Shortly after you turn away from the powerlines you hit a fast downhill, the Modoc trail will be on your right at the bottom. 

-TURN RIGHT onto the Modoc trail.  Take to end on HWY-23

-TURN LEFT onto Hwy 23.
-TURN RIGHT onto Morgan Dr.
-TURN RIGHT onto Red Oak Grove Rd
-TURN LEFT onto Garret Rd
-TURN LEFT onto Sprouse Rd
-TURN RIGHT onto Key Rd
-TURN LEFT onto HWY-230/Martintown Rd
-TURN RIGHT into the Quail Habitat Area
-TURN RIGHT onto the Horn Creek trail at the bottom of a hill

-Finish riding the Horn Creek loop CCW back to the trailhead


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