Christmas Party Ride

'Cause I always think of Mistletoe at Christmas, and I've been to plenty of parties that had a Keg.  --BV

25 mile loop that connects Keg Creek with the Cliatt Creek Nature Loop and Rock Dam trails inside Mistletoe State Park.


Directions are starting at the main Keg Creek parking lot, going CW on Keg.  Ride the loop inside Mistletoe however you like.


-Ride the Keg Creek trail clockwise (start by riding down Washington Rd across the bridge)

-Approx. 8 miles into the ride the trail will be right on the edge of the lake and a rutted out 4-wheeler path will intersect the trail from the left.

-TURN LEFT up this 4-wheeler path.  Follow the path UP HILL - any turn you make should go up!

-You will end up in the cul-de-sac of Keg Pointe Dr.  Go down the road.

-TURN LEFT onto Reservoir Rd

-TURN RIGHT onto Wickham Dr

-TURN LEFT onto Eubank Dr

-TURN RIGHT onto Ray Owens Rd

-TURN LEFT onto Ridge Rd.

-Ridge Rd becomes gravel.

-GO LEFT when road forks at white gate; go around the gate

-STAY LEFT at the fork after the gate

-TURN LEFT onto the Rock Dam Connector singletrack near the bottom of the hill

-Ride the Cliatt Creek/Rock Dam loop inside Mistletoe then ride back to the Keg Creek trail the way you came
-TURN LEFT onto Keg Creek trail where the 4-wheeler path meets it. 

-Ride Keg Creek for 1 mile back to your car.


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