2011 Baker's Dozen


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WHAT: Baker's Dozen

WHEN: October 22, 2011


RAIN DATE:  October 29, 2011

WHERE: Lick Fork Recreational Area, in Edgefield, SC (camping available!)

COST: $55 for IMBA/SORBA members, $65 for non-members. All proceeds go towards advocacy and trail maintenance in the CSRA.

DESCRIPTION: The Baker's Dozen is 13 hour endurance mountain bike race.  Racers can ride the entire 13 hours solo, or on a relay team.  The goal of the race is to have fun!  It's low key, and laid back.  It's a great way to spend the day with your friends.


IMPORTANT TIMES: Check in/registration will open at 7:30am, and the race will start at 9:00am.  The race ends exactly 13 hours after it begins; any laps finished after the 13 hour mark will not count.


SCORING:  Race timing and scoring is being handled with an automated electronic system by the pros from Dirty Spokes Productions!

FOOD: Bring your own.  Grills are available in the campground.

SWAG: There will be some!

LIMIT: Race is limited to 125 racers! If the race does not sell out early then day of registration will be allowed, with a $10 price increase for each class.

Solo Male
Solo Female
2 Person Team
3 Person Team
4 Person Team

AWARDS: Custom engraved pint glasses awarded to top 3 racers/teams in each class



Here's the short version:  The health of the trail is the second priority behind racer safety.  We don't want our trail getting destroyed.  You understand that, right?  If we get a lot of rain prior to the race it will be moved to the rain date of October 29th.  This will be announced on the SORBA-CSRA website and in an e-mail to all preregistered riders.  If we get even more rain before the rain date, we'll have to cancel the race.  SORBA-CSRA will pay our expenses for the event, and then issue a prorated refund to all racers with whatever money is left over.  If the race starts on either date, but then heavy rain moves in, we will cut the race short.  If the race starts, no refunds will be given.

COURSE DESCRIPTION: Course will start at Horn Creek trailhead and travel down campground gravel road. At stop sign, course turns right onto paved road. At next stop sign, course turns right onto paved road. Road turns into gravel after 1/4 mile. Course enters Horn Creek Trail on left after 1/2 mile. Course follows Horn Creek trail back to same gravel road where you entered the trail. Course follows same route back to trailhead. This is 1 lap.  A lap is about 8 miles long, 6 miles of singletrack on the Horn Creek trail and 2 miles on gravel/paved roads. Only place where there will be two-way traffic is on gravel/paved roads.  When you enter Horn Creek trail, you will be going slightly downhill over a lot of tree roots and bridges. There is a little climbing. You will cross a gravel road and enter a 1 mile climb. You will cross another gravel road and enter a very fast section. Starts flat, goes downhill, more flat, bridges and a little climbing.  You will cross another gravel road. Section starts flat where you can get very fast, has bridges, very sharp right turn on a climb that if you don't make the turn, you will fall into the creek. Course climbs for 1 mile. During this climb, you will go by the trailhead and end at the gravel road where you entered the first part of the trail.


Questions can be posted in the SORBA-CSRA Forum


Pictures from previous Baker's Dozen races